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Watch It! is an ambitious Video on Demand service.
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The main advantage to Watch It! is its packages of varied yet complementary channels. The service offers a wide range of videos and programmes on demand.
So you can watch your favourite channels, wherever and whenever you want.
Packages include firm favourites such as Fightbox, Motorvision, Stingray iConcerts, Nautical Channel, TRACE Urban and Fuel TV, along with other exclusive channels. These thematic channels specialise in popular subjects: coaching, sports, cooking and much more.
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whenever you want

Watch programmes #br#whenever you want
Today, mobile TV is all the rage. The main advantage to having a VOD subscription
lies in being able to watch your favourite programmes whenever you want.
You’re not held back by a programme’s scheduling: you do what you want, when you want.
Watch It! is well aware of the benefits of such a service and has chosen to focus on appealing on-demand programmes.
With Humanity, access the best documentaries and learn about the challenges facing our changing world.
If you want to find out the secrets behind the people who’ve made history, then Big Name is just what you’re looking for.
In the mood for something fun? You won’t want to miss weekly episodes of Watch The Fuck. It features some of the craziest videos on the Internet..

is becoming increasingly popular

While traditional channels are struggling to maintain their audience, VOD or Video On Demand is really taking off.
It’s now easier than ever to watch TV on your mobile. Over thirteen million UK households subscribe to a mobile TV service – and the figure is rising all the time.
The main reasons cited for its popularity? The lack of adverts and the total freedom its viewers enjoy. You can stop watching a video whenever you want and resume the same video later, exactly where you left off.
What’s more, being able to watch programmes on your computer, TV (Android TV), tablet and smartphone is a real plus. Take your favourite programmes with you, wherever you go!
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TV that resembles you on mobile

The cream of channels
Hundreds of programs are available. Enjoy direct access to our programs live or via replay. Whether you are connected via Wi-Fi or 3G/4G, your favorite programs are accessible in just a few seconds.
Motor sport, cookery or children's programs: discover all our channels in just a few clicks. Take your television and your favorite programs with you wherever you are and at a budget price.
Non -binding
Watch It! offers are non-binding. Once the app has been installed on your smartphone or tablette, create your account and discover the package best suited to your needs. For several offers, the first month is free of charge.

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How to register#br# on Watch It!? It's easy