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Reinvented TV
A few years ago, you might have thought that the digital revolution would put an end to TVs, turning them into antiques.
However, according to studies by market research institutes, one in two people (52%) thinks that TV still has a bright future ahead of it.
However, the Internet is changing consumer habits and digital TV offers an increasing number of opportunities.
In fact, on-demand TV programmes meet new consumers’ needs by providing quality content at any time.
The Watch It! platform aims to become one of the leading players within this growing OTT market,
recognised for its quality on-demand television programmes.
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You arrive at home and you want to catch up on the incredible match you missed, binge five episodes in a row of your favourite series, watch an exciting documentary or listen to music to relax.
Pause the programme then resume whenever you want.
This flexibility, which is impossible with traditional TV, is now a reality with Video On Demand (VOD).
Watch It! is an intuitive Video On Demand platform which offers a wide range of channels and packages for all viewers.
Access your favourite programmes with no adverts at a time to suit you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
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Original, varied content : Watch It!’s DNA

Original, varied content #bluecolumn# Watch It!’s DNA
There’s something for everyone with Watch It!’s channels and packages.
Children’s content, combat sports, cooking workshops, crazy videos, advice on how to teach yourself to play the guitar,
a special science package to better understand life on Earth, and more.
Whether you want to be entertained, to travel via the medium of video, to expand your mind with news programmes
or to pick up a new art form, you’ll find original, high-quality content on Watch It!.

On-demand TV programmes, available on all screens

With Watch It!, you can access on-demand TV on all your devices:
TVs, computers, smartphones, tablets and smart TVs. Are you a member of the mobile generation? The platform is compatible with Android and iOS (iPhone) smartphones. Use your mobile phone to watch all your favourite content on the go, as long as you have a 3G/4G Internet connection. Once you’re home, switch to your TV screen for an enhanced viewing experience.
What are you waiting for? Try tomorrow’s television today! Subscribe to Watch It! and enjoy a month’s free trial with no obligations.
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On-demand TV programmes, available on all screens

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The cream of channels
Hundreds of programs are available. Enjoy direct access to our programs live or via replay. Whether you are connected via Wi-Fi or 3G/4G, your favorite programs are accessible in just a few seconds.
Motor sport, cookery or children's programs: discover all our channels in just a few clicks. Take your television and your favorite programs with you wherever you are and at a budget price.
Non -binding
Watch It! offers are non-binding. Once the app has been installed on your smartphone or tablette, create your account and discover the package best suited to your needs. For several offers, the first month is free of charge.

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How to register#br# on Watch It!? It's easy