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Connected to the Internet, a Smart TV provides several services which will revolutionise your spending
and viewing habits. It can include a VOD (Video On Demand) service, such as Watch It!,
so that you can watch your favourite channels and programmes.
Our service offers a number of packages of videos and live television channels including Fuel TV, Fightbox and many more.
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Smart TVs,
a gateway to a new range of services

A smart television is the latest generation TV and can connect to the Internet.
Once connected to the Internet with an Ethernet cable or via wi-fi, it provides viewers with access to Subscription Video On Demand, games, applications, YouTube, social media (Facebook, Twitter) and any website on the Internet.
It comes with several innovative features, including time shifting: viewers can interrupt a live programme and choose to watch it later.
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Smart TVs, a bespoke product

Smart TVs, a bespoke product
Live or on-demand TV on smart TVs offers countless possibilities, visual comfort and intuitive browsing.
Browsing can be made easier with accessories including integrated keyboards, touch pads,
cameras and remotes with pointers. The interface and the menu can be customised.
The viewer can plug in an external device, such as a USB stick or a hard disk, to view or transfer files.
The television can also be controlled using a smartphone, a tablet or vocally:
a considerable benefit when your remote control’s batteries have given up the ghost.

How to connect
a smart television

Anyone can connect and set up this kind of device: there’s no technician required.
The first step? Choosing how to connect to the Internet: Ethernet (remember to plug in the cable), wi-fi (enter the WEP or WAP key) or CPL.
If you want to control your television using your smartphone or tablet, download the application to do so.
Every operator has developed its own application to control its TVs.
Install the apps of your choice and browse the interface to explore all of the available features, including catch-up TV and Video On Demand.
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Hundreds of programs are available. Enjoy direct access to our programs live or via replay. Whether you are connected via Wi-Fi or 3G/4G, your favorite programs are accessible in just a few seconds.
Motor sport, cookery or children's programs: discover all our channels in just a few clicks. Take your television and your favorite programs with you wherever you are and at a budget price.
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