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Super League Triathlon Hamilton Day 3 Eliminator

1h 52m 18s

Super League Triathlon Hamilton Day 2 Equalizer

1h 24m 19s

Super League Triathlon Hamilton Island Day 1 Triple Mix

1h 55m 58s

XTERRA Adventures Episode 9 - Germany

22m 28s

XTERRA Adventures Episode 8 - Czech Republic

22m 30s

Gower Triathlon 2019

23m 56s

Laguna Phuket Triathlon 2019

48m 47s

XTERRA Adventures Episode 7 - Mexico

22m 30s

XTERRA Adventures Episode 6 - Lake Scanno

22m 29s

XTERRA Adventures Episode 5 - Beaver Creek

22m 28s

XTERRA Adventures Episode 4 - France

21m 50s

XTERRA Adventures Episode 3 - Belgium

21m 38s

XTERRA Adventures Episode 2 - Greece

22m 00s

XTERRA Adventures Episode 1 - Taiwan

21m 59s

Snowman Triathlon (Welsh Triathlon Super Series Round 4)

24m 01s

Bala Triathlon 2019 (Welsh Triathlon Super Series Round 3)

23m 58s

Canada Man / Woman Triathlon - Version Française

23m 31s

Canada Man / Woman Triathlon - English Version

23m 29s

Llanelli Triathlon 2019

23m 30s

Steelman Triathlon 2019

23m 51s

Cardiff Triathlon 2018

23m 35s

Pembrokeshire Coastal Triathlon 2018

23m 34s

Llanelli Triathlon 2018

23m 33s

Ironman Wales 2018

23m 35s

Xterra Pan American Championship 2018

11m 07s

Xterra Offroad Triathlon Taiwan 2018

9m 32s

Xterra Offroad Triathlon Italy Lake Scanno 2018

5m 38s

Xterra Offroad Triathlon France 2018

7m 03s

Xterra Offroad Triathlon Switzerland 2018

8m 51s

Xterra Offroad Triathlon Belgium 2018

8m 15s

Xterra Offroad Triathlon Cyprus 2018

4m 37s

Swansea Triathlon 2018

23m 37s

Laguna Phuket Triathlon 2017

49m 06s

Ironman Staffordshire 2017

24m 07s

Super League Triathlon Hamilton Islands 2017

49m 12s

Xterra Offroad Triathlon Belgium, Switzerland, France 2017

12m 59s

Swansea Triathlon 2017

24m 06s

X Terra Germany 2017

12m 59s

Challenge Aruba 2017

24m 05s