Pablo Picasso : Various

1) Two Women Running on the Beach 2) Seated Woman 3) Mother and Child W. A. Mozart. Clarinet Concerto In A Major - Rondo - Allegro

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F. G. Waldmüller : Children Decorate A Conscript’s Hat

2m 31s

J. Vermeer : The Glass of Wine

3m 21s

Various Artist : Franz Alt. St. Isaac's - Franz Kopallik. St. Isaac's - I. Shishkin - Jan Chełmińsk - Alfred Kowalsk - B. Kustodiev - Jean Beraud

3m 31s

Adriaen Jansz. van Ostade : The Painter's Studio

3m 04s

Gerard Dou : The Night School

2m 53s

S. van Beest : Vegetable Market

2m 54s

Gerrit Dou : The Physician

2m 35s

J. Duck : The Wine Connoisseurs

2m 53s

Jan Brueghel the Elder : A Flemish Fair

2m 33s

A. P. van de Venne : Various

4m 21s

Wilhelm Bendz : A Young Artist (Ditlev Blunck) Examining a Sketch in a Mirror

4m 31s

Dirck Hals : A Garden Party

2m 12s

N. Maes : Old Woman Saying Grace, Known as ‘The Prayer without End’

3m 07s

Frants Henningsen : At the Funeral

5m 04s

Jules Bastien-Lepage : October

3m 20s

A. P. van de Venne : Shrove Tuesday in the Country

3m 49s

Jan Brueghel the Elder : Wedding procession

2m 14s

E. Lami : Concert in the Gallerie des Guise at Chateau d’Eu

2m 44s

Jan Brueghel the Elder : Fair at a Riverside Village

2m 33s

Jan Steen : A Mayor of Delft and his Daughter

3m 51s

Jan Steen :The Feast of Saint Nicholas

2m 01s

Jan Steen : A School for Boys and Girls

2m 06s

Adriaen Jansz. van Ostade : The Painter's Studio

3m 04s

Jan Steen : Prince's Day

3m 16s

Pierre-Auguste Renoir : Bal du moulin de la Galette

2m 57s

Wilhelm Marstrand : Romerske borgere forsamlet til lystighed i et osteri

2m 03s

Jan Steen : The Merry Family

1m 59s

Jean Antoine Watteau : The Italian Comedians

2m 00s

Isaac Elias : Merry Company

1m 59s

Pieter Codde : Cavaliers and ladies

2m 34s

Pablo Picasso : Various

5m 57s

J. Vermeer : The Art of Painting

4m 35s

H. Salmson : A Séance

2m 10s

C. Hansen : A Group of Danish Artists in Rome

2m 07s

J. Vermeer : Woman Holding a Balance

3m 55s

H. Vernet :The Start of the Race of the Riderless Horses

2m 20s

P. Longhi :The Casino

3m 20s

C. Dye : Jerked Down

2m 27s

C. Larsson : A Bite!

2m 13s

A. Menzel :The Flute Concert of Sanssouci

3m 24s

L. Icart : Various (2)

4m 20s

A. J. Elsley : Hard Pressed

3m 22s

D. Teniers II : Country Kermis

2m 40s

C. Barbier : Illustrations (1921-1922)

2m 56s

H. Rousseau :The Sleeping Gypsy

3m 31s

G. Traversi :The Drawing Lesson

2m 19s

Louis Icart : Various

2m 44s

Michael Ancher : Christmas Day 1900

3m 14s

Jean Beraud : Various

4m 41s

G. Barbier. Falbalas & Fanfreluches : Almanach (1923)

3m 21s

I. Repin : A Parisian Café

3m 59s

Henri Thomas : At the grand café

2m 16s

Jean-François Millet : Various

3m 01s

John Haynes Williams : The Introduction signed

2m 52s

Georges Seurat : Bathers in Asnières

3m 05s

Edvard Munch : The Scream

3m 00s

Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema : The Vintage Festival

3m 31s

Frans Snyders : Fish Market

2m 29s

Pieter Aertsen : The Egg Dance

1m 51s

Carl Heinrich Bloch : In a Roman Osteria

5m 04s

William Hogarth : A Scene from The Beggar's Opera

2m 39s

George Caleb Bingham : Fur Traders Descending the Missouri

2m 22s

John Singer Sargent : El Jaleo

3m 34s

John Singer Sargent : Dans Les Oliviers

5m 13s

Mariano Fortuny : The Print Collector

3m 36s

Pierre-Auguste Renoir : Various

4m 45s

Jan Steen : The Parrot Cage

2m 20s

Jan Steen : Family Scene

2m 00s

Jan Matsys : A Merry Company

2m 35s

Adolph Menzel : Supper at the Ball

3m 24s

Almeida Júnior : Saudade (Longing)

2m 06s

Karl Schweninger Jr. : The Carnival

2m 32s

E. Boudin : Various

4m 43s

F. B. Doubek : Large Family Portrait In The Salon

5m 12s

G. Goodwin Kilburne : Watching the Hunt

1m 56s

H. Terbrugghen : Various

2m 09s

Jacob Jordaens : The Feast of the Bean King

3m 08s

B.M. Kustodiev : Carnival

2m 16s

Adriaen Jansz van Ostade : The Violinist

3m 48s

Augustus Egg : The travelling companions

4m 42s

Elisabeth Jerichau Baumann : An Egyptian Fellah Woman with her Baby

3m 12s

Edgar Degas :The Dance Class

2m 46s

Edgar Degas: Various

8m 17s

Paul Cézanne : The Card Players

2m 55s

Édouard Manet : In the Conservatory

3m 36s

Édouard Manet : The Balcony

3m 44s

Edgar Degas : The Rehearsal of the Ballet Onstage

4m 20s

Edouard Manet : Boating

3m 20s

Claude Monet : Garden at Sainte-Adresse

2m 59s

Claude Monet : Various

2m 37s

Pierre-Auguste Renoir : Luncheon of the Boating Party

2m 14s

Pierre-Auguste Renoir : Girls at the Piano

2m 08s

Caravaggio : The Fortune Teller

1m 44s

Vincent Van Gogh : Various

8m 25s

Édouard Manet : The Old Musician

4m 43s