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The time when we had to wait patiently for a Sunday night film or the new episode of our favourite series
is over with the development of Video On Demand or VOD.
The launch of digital channels has been a huge leap forward in terms of content.
Choose from a wide range of available programmes and watch them whenever you want:
that’s the main advantage of Watch It!, the leading SVOD (Subscription Video on Demand) platform.
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Watch It!, packages and programmes for everyone

The abbreviation SVOD stands for Subscription Video on Demand. It’s a service which is becoming increasingly popular.
Are you a fan of films, sport, music, series or documentaries?
Does your busy schedule prevent you from watching your favourite programmes on free-to-air and paid-for channels?
Are you tired of paying for expensive monthly subscriptions for universal channels or packages?
SVOD will revolutionise your viewing habits. Watch It! is a service with an intuitive interface which makes it possible to watch the programmes you want to watch at any time. From one-man shows to combat sports, from cooking lessons to films, not forgetting children’s channels, Watch It! offers a wide range of packages with original and quality content. You’ll find thematic packages and TV channels including Humanity, which is all about the challenges facing our changing world.
Are you a fan of nature? With Species, find out everything there is to know about endangered species!
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VOD, available on all screens

VOD, available on all screens
When you subscribe to Watch It!, you’ll have instant access to Video On Demand at any time of day or night,
wherever you are, on all your different devices. The interface is compatible with all mobile devices.
So you’ll be able to watch your programmes on your smartphone (Android or iOS) or your tablet, wherever you are.
Once you’re home, sit down on the sofa and continue watching on your computer or your TV.

Video on Demand
Significant benefits

Most Watch It! packages are totally free for the first month, giving you the chance to try out Subscription Video on Demand with no obligations. Not satisfied? Simply cancel your VOD subscription, free of charge:
Watch It! is the ideal platform for an immersive Video On Demand experience. Enjoy 24-hour access to advert-free, quality content. Programmes adapt to your schedule, rather than the other way around! What are you waiting for? Open the door to tomorrow’s television!
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TV that resembles you on mobile

The cream of channels
Hundreds of programs are available. Enjoy direct access to our programs live or via replay. Whether you are connected via Wi-Fi or 3G/4G, your favorite programs are accessible in just a few seconds.
Motor sport, cookery or children's programs: discover all our channels in just a few clicks. Take your television and your favorite programs with you wherever you are and at a budget price.
Non -binding
Watch It! offers are non-binding. Once the app has been installed on your smartphone or tablette, create your account and discover the package best suited to your needs. For several offers, the first month is free of charge.

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Enjoy your favorite programs live and via replay.
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