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Female Scavengers: a second chance at learning

3m 15s

Orphans of Kyrgyzstan: creating an independent generation

2m 47s

Sweden to Palestine: A Walking Protest

3m 01s

Against the odds: the women who risk their lives for barnacles

2m 23s

SuperTee: Helping kids fight back & get better

4m 25s

Gaza's youngest fisherman

2m 02s

The explosive plant

3m 18s

A beacon of hope

4m 11s

A dental haven for kids

3m 22s

Into the sinkhole

3m 27s

Saving the elderly from loneliness

3m 30s

Saved on a train: India's fastest operating room

3m 39s

The billion peso secret: What 3 Mexican journalists found

5m 04s

Weaving towards a safer pregnancy

3m 00s

Dumpster diving for knowledge

2m 40s

Egypt's canine guardian

4m 07s

The gangster guide

3m 27s

The last doctor in war-torn Yemen

4m 31s

Diary of a Palestinian girl: Nightmares

3m 24s

A New Jerusalem: Interreligious Community

3m 54s

Acupuncture for pets: a revolutionary alternative to euthanasia

3m 05s

Meet the man who’s prevented over 300 suicides

4m 05s

This is the new grassroots movement in Cuba

3m 08s

Play for change

3m 44s

Meet the father of ocean animals

3m 45s

Kids are not employees: Egypt's resistance school

3m 38s

The karate kids of Gaza

3m 33s

Keeping water monsters alive

3m 04s

It's a woman's revolution. Period.

5m 20s

Meet the man who stops time

4m 12s

There is more than one war to fight in Syria

3m 21s

Pereira's Canine Guardians

3m 04s

Meet the man who's doing everything right

3m 04s

Diary of a Palestinian girl: Ahed's day

3m 08s

The courage to say no: protecting India's girls

3m 32s

Mass slaughter: how Russia is cleaning up its streets

3m 05s

The privacy warriors: how 3 students can change a law

3m 38s

Diary of a Palestinian girl: Trapped

3m 31s

The Eye Maker

4m 28s

Inside the real Trainspotting

4m 00s

The mother of 800 cats

4m 04s

Defeating guerrilla fighters: A woman's simple secret

3m 33s

The rocker who's challenging the Mexican music scene

3m 22s

Meet the mentor for lost kids

3m 54s

Saving wildlife any way he can

3m 57s

Bringing a ghost town back to life

3m 26s

Sparing horses from slaughter

4m 19s

MolenGeek: bring Silicon Valley to Belgium's 'jihad central'

4m 04s

Don't call me sick, do I look sick to you?

3m 09s

Diary of a Palestinian girl: The raids

3m 03s