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Introduction to Varietals - Sangiovese

4m 43s

True or False - Old World or New World Wines?

2m 09s

Jeremy's Insights - Being Objective

2m 43s

True or False - Enough air to breathe?

1m 42s

Introduction to Varietals - Cabernet Sauvignon

4m 57s

True or False - There's No Value in Cellaring White Wine

1m 09s

Introduction to Varietals - Sauvignon Blanc

5m 20s

True or False - Turning Bottles is Important?

1m 23s

Jeremy's Insights - Vintage Port vs Tawny Port

3m 27s

True or False - Biodynamic Wine is better

3m 19s

Introduction to Varietals - Semillon Sauvignon Blanc

6m 16s

Jeremy's Insights - Climate Change Internationally

2m 07s

Introduction to Varietals - Pinot Grigio and Pinot Gris

7m 57s

Jeremy's Insights - Cellaring Champagne

1m 29s

True or False - Reds must have Aggressive Flavour to be worth cellaring?


True or False - It's better for wine to have a cork than screw cap

2m 38s

True or False - Are Single Grape Varieties best?

1m 26s

Introduction to Varietals - Pinot Blanc

6m 30s

True or False - Is Cabernet Shiraz a single grape variety?

1m 11s

Introduction to Varietals - Chenin Blanc

5m 16s

Jeremy's Insights - The Extra Expense of Pinot Noir

1m 46s

True or False - Gold Medal Wines are the Best Wines?

1m 57s

True or False - Soil can be tasted in Wine

2m 52s

Introduction to Varietals - Argentinian Malbec

4m 45s

True or False - Should all White Wine be Chilled the same

2m 54s

Introduction to Regions - Chablis

4m 34s

Jeremy's Insights - French vs American Oak

2m 50s

Jeremy's Insights - Climate Change in Australia

1m 58s

Introduction to Varietals - Riesling

5m 11s

True or False - Should you Rinse your Glass with Water

2m 08s

True or False - Wine legs Reflect Quality and Purity

1m 21s